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Subject: Farm Boy Chronicles IIFarm Boy Chronicles IIThough not necessary, you might wish to read Part One first.During the summer of the year in which I was 11, my oldest brother Ed and I
discovered, almost by accident, the pleasures of blow jobs, me from the
giving end and he from the receiving. Isolated on a dairy farm in the
middle of Iowa, and at 17 just beginning to reach the apex of his sexual
drive, Ed was more than happy to have his own private cocksucker available
at a moments notice to satisfy his lust. For my part I was thrilled. Not
only had I found something that I loved doing, I was also the recipient of
my oldest brother's doting attention.Ed and I managed to get away from everyone at least once a day for me to
satisfy his needs. By the time school started in September I'd become a
pretty good cocksucker, at least I knew how to get him to moan and groan
and shoot huge amounts of cum down my hungry throat.My parents were more than pleased at Ed's sudden interest in his baby
brother; my two other brothers Joe and Jim were just as surprised, but far
more suspicious of his new found attachment for the little kid they taunted
and called Tinkerbell. Still none of the family came close to guessing
what was going on and we managed to keep our little secret until just
before Thanksgiving.It was after dinner on a Friday night and the folks were going to one of
the very rare social events of the year, the Harvest Dance at the local
grange. My youngest 13-year-old brother, Jim was spending the weekend at
his friend's house and my 15-year-old brother Joe had taken his bike and
gone to a neighboring farm to hang out with his friends the Jervis twins.
This left Ed and me home alone for the first time since we'd begun having
our fun together.We were both excited at the prospect of being able to "do it" in the
privacy of the house and the comfort of a bed. Jim wouldn't be home until
Sunday, Mother and Daddy weren't due back until past 11 and Joe had said
he'd be back sometime between 9 and 11. That meant that at the very least
we'd have 2 hours of total privacy.Joe got on his bike for the 2-mile ride to the Jervis farm right after
supper and Mother and Daddy left a short while later at 7:00. They couldn't
have been more than a mile away before Ed and I were up in his room. Ed
stripped completely out of his clothes. It was the first time he'd ever
been naked while I sucked him and I was awed by the beauty of his body.I hadn't ever paid much attention to any part of his anatomy, other than
his dick, but when I saw him in all his glory it took my breath away. He
was nearly 6', had a 30" waist and the most incredible, highly defined
muscles on every part of his body. If I hadn't been interested in guys
before, one look at this naked stud would have done the trick. He laughed
at me as I ogled him, but I could tell he was very proud of the way he
looked and pleased that I was impressed. His cock even looked more
appealing surrounded by his exposed form. It was as solid as a slab of
marble, drooling precum and pointing straight at me. I dropped to my knees
and opened my mouth to receive it."No, not like that, I want to be in bed. I'm just gonna lay back and you
can do whatever you want, let's just take it slow and easy. For the first
time ls sites lolita news
we can really enjoy things without worrying about somebody coming up
on us. I aim to have some fun with this. Shit, we even have time for you
to make me cum two or three times and I'm horny enough to do just that, if
your mouth doesn't wear out.""Don't worry about my mouth," I lolita hard pictures real said, "I can suck on that thing forever
without stopping.""That's what I want to hear," he said as he stretched out on his bed,
leaning back on his pillow and propping himself up against the headboard.
"Why don't you take off your clothes too and then climb up here between my
legs and chow down," he said as he began to slowly stroke himself.I was out of my clothes before he'd pumped more than a half dozen times and
dove between his two powerfully muscled legs. I raised my head, opened preteen lolita angel links
mouth wide and swallowed him to his bush. I worked my tongue around the
underside of his fat shaft and he began not just to moan, but also to get
real loud, talking dirty."That's it you little cocksucker, swallow your big brother's big cock.
Ooooh yeah, baby, run those sweet lips around that big head. Ugh, oh shit,
you little faggot, I love that. Go up and down, work that cock, eat me baby
brother, eat your stud brother's cock."This really turned me on something fierce. I was going crazy and just
couldn't get enough of him in my mouth and down my throat to satisfy me. I
was glad that we didn't have any neighbors nearby because he wasn't being
exactly quiet with what he was saying and I'm sure you could hear him from
outside the house, but that only added to my excitement. We went at it like
that for about 10 minutes, and I guess it would have ended sooner, but he'd
push me off every once in awhile to young sweet lolitas naked
stop from cuming too soon, but finally
he couldn't hold back any longer."OK little brother I ain't gonna stop you this time, get ready cuz I'm
gonna drown you with hot cum. OOOOH yeah, here it cums, are you ready for
it. OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!"The force of the first shot was so great that my free little lolicon pics
lips almost lost their
grip on his pole. His cock pulsed hard as I took hasty gulp after hasty
gulp in order not to miss a single drop of his precious load. He hadn't
finished cuming, though the volleys were diminishing in intensity, when the
door to the bedroom suddenly flew open with a crash.I think both Ed and I nearly had a heart attack at that moment. I pulled
off his cock so quickly that I was hit right in the cheek with a glob of
cum and he flipped himself out of bed so fast that he knocked me to the
floor.Standing in the doorway was our brother Joe!"So this explains why you and Tinkerbell have become such close friends,"
he said in the most accusatory tone he could muster. "How long as this been
going on?"Ed struggled to get himself composed and quickly retorted, "you better just
keep what you just saw to yourself. If you even hint about this to anyone,
especially Mother or Daddy I'll fucking kill you. You hear me?""Yeah right. How you gonna kill anybody after Daddy kills you? Besides
who said anything about telling. I'm pissed cuz you ain't shared. If Tink
sucks cock, what makes you think I don't want some?"For the first time I noticed the bulge in Joe's Wranglers. It looked good
enough to eat and right there I figured that having two brothers to suck
off was better than just one. I looked up at Ed who was standing over me
and his face and body suddenly relaxed, as he understood what Joe had said."Shit bro, ain't no reason not to share. Our little brother here is one
hungry little cock hound. Now that I know you're into it ain't no reason
in the world for you not to enjoy his mouth right along with me. What pedofilia links lolitas little do
you think, little bro?" He said looking down at me with a shit-eating grin
on his face."I think it's great.""I knew your would. Joe climb out of those clothes and have a turn. When
you're finished I reckon I'll be ready to go a second time. It's only 7:30
and the folks won't be home 'til past 11, we got plenty of time."Joe was already kicking off his boots when Ed asked him a question. young nude xxx lolitas
ever had your cocked sucked before?""No, but I've thought about it an awful lot.""Well get ready for the most incredible time of your young life. I been
training our baby brother for the past 4 months and he knows how to do it
like a pro. I'm just gonna sit and watch, if you don't mind. I think it
will be sexy and I'll really be charged with another load by the time
you're finished."Joe was already naked and hard and amazingly his cock was bigger than Ed's
even though he was a full two years younger. His body wasn't quite as
developed as Ed's, but that 7 incher more than made up for it.Ed and Joe shared a bedroom so this time we did it on Joe's bed. It took me
a minute or two to get used to dealing with a larger piece of manmeat, but
before long I was able to take the whole thing. I must have been doing a
good job, because I had him whimpering and moaning. "Jesus God, I've never
felt anything so good in my whole life. I don't want this to stop. Oh man,
why didn't you tell me about this. . . I don't think I can take too much of
this."He was right. We'd been at it for only less than five minutes when his
entire body went stiff as a board, his ass raised up off the mattress and
he blasted six or seven volleys of cum, as sweet as nectar, into my waiting
mouth. I swallowed his offering and he collapsed back on the bed nearly
unconscious, unable to move."Let him recover," Ed said to me, "and get over here, I need you now."By the time Mother and Daddy had come home from the grange Ed and Joe were
each lighter by three loads and my tummy was filled with hot man juice.
That night I went to sleep content in the fact that there would be much
more in the future.
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